At just 1.3 ounces and with over 5,000 programmable settings, the receiver collar is the smallest most programmable receiver ever built. As a matter of fact, we are the same people that invented the pet fence as Invisible Fence® in 1974

Our 12x Battery Check™ monitors the receiver every two hours and notifies you of a battery that is about to get weak.  Other systems notify you of a battery that is already going dead and may have already lost as much as 1/3 of its correction strength, putting your pet at risk.



The ifence System is designed and manufactured in America, not China or any other country.  This allows improvements and updates to be in the hands of the dealers within weeks and not a year or longer.  The pure digital signal, like an HDTV, gives a very accurate and consistent signal field.  Our fence does not change its width, whereas some of our competitors' can move as much as 12 feet.



The UltraElite can be worn and carried comfortably by even the smallest dogs.  We have trained dogs under 3 lbs.



We offer both the rubber tip Comfort Probes and Gentle Spring Contacts.  These patented revolutionary new probes are much more comfortable for your pet.



We use improved tracer wire. We use a special wire designed specifically for Pet Stop that is 65 mil (30%) thicker than our competitors'.  This translates into a safer pet and fewer service calls throughout the life of the system.



Simply put: iFence and The Broussards offer the best warranty out there, period.  The electronics are covered with a full lifetime warranty on materials by ifence and Rusty and Julie Broussard cover the labor for three years.  Rusty and Julie cover the wire for ten years against everything except human interference.  When looking into the different systems on the market, be careful!  Some low-cost systems have NO warranty to the installer -- only to the owner.  This means after you pay for the install, YOU have to send it back to the factory yourself for any warranty work.



Our lead trainer has over 30 years' experience training dogs, is certified by the International Association of Canine Professionals in electronic fence training and wrote the certification addendum to their obedience trainer test for electronic fencing.  We train using the low stress method.  This method was designed to keep stress on both you and your pet to a minimum.  It is a very gentle and effective method and allows the trainer to work with your pet's temperament and personality.



The list of vets and humane societies that recommend us is too long to list here.  Just ask and we will be happy to give you the names of veterinarian references in your area that recommend us.



We have a drop line from the office to our home allowing us to be available to answer any questions you may have at any time during training or just in general.  This gives you the opportunity to receive assistance from a experienced pet fence professional day or night.  The comfort and safety of your pet is our number one priority!


Helping one dog may not change the world,

But it changes the world for that one dog.