10 Questions for All Electric

Dog Fencing Shoppers

So you have decided to buy an electronic dog fence system.  You've learned the basics, and that there is a wide range of electronic pet containment products out there.  When it comes down to choosing a dog fence system, consider whether these items matter to you and ask containment professionals these questions:

1:  How long have you been in the dog fence business, and how long have you serviced electric fences in this area?


Many companies come and go.  Longevity is a the best indicator a company will be there for you when you need them.

2:  What kind of containment training will be done, and how much is included with a complete pet fence system?


Many companies lowball prices with little or no humane training, accelerating the process by correcting your dog harder than necessary.  This can actually cause psychological harm to your pet.

3:  What is the warranty?


Many companies use warranty as a profit center. Overseas made product often fails so frequently that warranty charges are set up to create huge profits. The less safe your fence, the more money your outsourcing corporation makes. (Buy American!)
Lifetime warranties on electric dog containment products are common now, so don't accept less!

4: Is the product made in America or overseas?


More than 90% of electric fence systems are made in China and elsewhere overseas.  Watch a company's marketing budget for examples of the extra money available when cheaper manufacturing is chosen.

5: What is the installation guarantee?


A 1-2 year guarantee assures proper installation and time to find any real problems.