Excerpts of Actual Testimonials of iFence Customers


"We have had our fence from Rusty for 13 years and it has never let us down. We have had 2 different dogs on the pet stop and never had a problem. You guys are the best."

A. Alleman


"My veterinarian reccomended Rusty and Julie. And now after having used them I can see why. They made this process fun and enjoyable. If you ever need a referral call us. Our dog has never left the yard after you trained  him."

P. Broussard


"I’ll tell anyone and everyone how great this system has been for us! We are really pleased with service you have provided."

R. Baldit


"We bought a fence from someone else and we could not even get a call back when our dog was getting out. Our veterinarian reccomend we call you and we did. You came out and had us fixed the next day. We will only reccomend you."

K. Moss


"Just wanted to let you know how well we are doing with the fence. Scooby is using every inch of it and loves to run in the back field. He loves the outside and is out most of the time."

H. LeBlanc



"I just want to thank you on behalf of Rebecca and Momba our black labs. They really love being able to run and play through out our five acres."

F. Felps 


"It really is a pleasure to be able to let Sam and Joe out, knowing they aren’t going to run off through out the neighborhood. This winter it was a blessing not to have to go outdoors with them in the middle of the night and hold their leash while they did their business."

D. Patin



"The Stopper feature on the Pet Stop receiver really has made the difference with Gracie. She would challenge our old system often. With this Pet Stop system, she has total respect for the perimeter."

P. Thibedeaux



"It is wonderful being able to let Mary outside to have her freedom through out the yard. We are really satisfied with the service and care you have provided."

G. Broussard



"At first I was really skeptical that Benny could be contained in our yard, especially when our neighbor’s dogs are in heat. I must say he really respects the boundary. This Pet Stop system really has made the difference."

F. Guidry 


"Thank you for the fast service. You are very thoughtful and we appreciate it."

S. Thomson



"This system is fabulous! It has been a real joy not to have to worry about our little Sophie running off."

T. Broussard



"The fence is working great! It has been a blessing!"

R. Thompson



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