Pet Stop® is an authorized provider of Pet Stop® electronic dog containment products.   We offer expert service on all brands of electronic pet containment systems and we provide batteries for Invisible Fencing systems®. IFence is in no way affiliated with Invisible Fence® Company.


Invisible Fence® Trade-in Specials:  Our Pet Stop® electronic containment system is available for discounts when trading in a comparable model Invisible Fence® transmitter, receiver or system.

We offer a Powercap® compatible replacement battery to fit any model of Invisible Fence® R-21 Computer Collar®. Call for special pricing on these high-grade replacement batteries.


Our Pet Stop® brand dog containment products can be programmed to work on most containment systems on the market. We can match AM or FM signals as needed. You can upgrade just one component or an entire system using the existing wire.



100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


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