American Dogs are Too Good for Chinese Products

See all the fancy TV commercials from some competitors? How 'bout the big billboards? Who do you think pays for it? Yep, the consumer. These big companies have cut the manufacturing costs by moving manufacturing to China, so they have a lot more to spend on advertising.


The only news in this industry is most manufacturers are moving

operations to China.


The move to China should reflect about a 60% price drop, but with the China fences going from China, to the Corporate company, then to the distributors, then the dealers, and then finally the consumer. The consumer does not see a savings, but they do get a product that is made using slave labor, cheaper materials, no real standards, and a guarantee that you will need to replace it soon. Hopefully, no harm is done in the process.


Remember the pet food scare? So many pets unnecessarily died and Veterinarians still don't know just how much damage was done, and it will be measured for years to come. Some companies have no problems putting an American face on these products and cross there fingers that no damage will be done. They can but we will not.

Blaine Bacher
Blaine Bacher

Blaine entered the market in 1994 as a pet containment dealer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has participated in the field at every level, from sales and installation to manufacturing and management. Today he heads up the nationwide Pet Stop Dealer Network; a direct result of his diligence and dedication to customer satisfaction.